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Picture of Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Model No BEP 9217

Key Specification

* Bluetooth Digital Egg Media Player
* Model: BEP-9217
* Audio Output Power (max): 3W (RMS)
* Compliant with Bluetooth Class 2 V1.2
* Support MP3/WMA format
* Built-in USB Host specification version 1.1
* Built-in SD/MMC Card slot
* High fidelity 3W stereo speakers, 3 pieces detachable
* Line-in jack for external audio source such as iPod, MP3, CD player
* Support ISP function for firmware upgrade
* Powered by AAA, battery (x 4) or external power 7.0~7.5V/1A adapter
* Support files system Fat 12/16/32
* Power on/off, play/stop, volume up/down, previous/next shuffle on 4 buttons
* Change LUN from SD/MMC to USB slot by customers favorite
* Dimension (W x H x D): 145 x 80 x 80mm

Note: Design and specifications to change without notice.